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We are Marseille

Our city is ranked 2nd out of 114 European conurbations for its dynamism and takes 40th position for the most innovative cities in Europe, ahead of Milan, Barcelona and Rotterdam, according to the OECD report of December 2013.

After being crowned the European Capital of Culture in 2013 and the European Capital of Sport in 2017, it hosted the Euro 2016 championship. Marseille is getting ready to become the first French city to host Manifesta – one of the largest contemporary art biennials in the world – in 2020, as well as the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games.
These major events, significant milestones for our area, reflect Marseille’s influence and strength at an international level.

For more than 20 years, Marseille has been on the move – reinventing itself, undergoing major transformations and supporting major development projects for public areas, while seeking to optimise the service offered to users and closeness to citizens.
More than ever, Marseille is strengthening its dynamic as an attractive city synonymous with happy living, for both its citizens and for those who opt to invest in it, settle there, or visit.

It is also creating favourable conditions for this development:

  • By positively influencing the quality of life of its citizens,
  • By encouraging the development of sectors of excellence: digital, health, film, services, etc.
  • By promoting the setting up of businesses, growth, and employment,
  • By developing revitalised commerce,
  • By inviting more and more tourists and visitors to come and discover its treasures.

It is because Marseille is rich in these assets and because of its ability to structure this mix of offers that it brings people together and drives energy and talent. This is what makes it so attractive.

Marseille wants to share the strength of this dynamism with its inhabitants, all the public institutions, local, national and foreign entrepreneurs and all of the region’s actors as well as all of those who come to it, and invite each and every one of them to share this common destiny.
We Are Marseille is the unique symbol of this state of mind, of an open identity, of a desire to proudly approach the future together and reinforce our openness to the world, in keeping with our history.

 The expression “We Are Marseille” was used for the first time in 2015 by Jean-Claude Gaudin at the J-365 Euro press conference:
“We Are Marseille”... This is the energy that we are fostering for our city! This is our hope for its future! “We Are Marseille” – This is our identity!”
“We Are Marseille” is a rally, a call for tolerance, an ambition shared by all inhabitants to promote a city and build a region that inspires us and makes us proud. It is with hope that we can succeed!”

Because, above all, Marseille is:

  • A attractive city, synonymous with happy living (as demonstrated by its international outlook, especially in terms of the economy, tourism, culture and sport): 300 days of sun per year, 57km of coastline, Europe’s 1st peri-urban park
  • A city that is open to the world, thanks to its strategic position at a crossroads between Europe and the Mediterranean,  thanks to the Old Port with 2600 years of History that welcomes 5 million visitors each year
  • A quality of life
  • Abundant with sectors of excellence
  • Favourable to the establishment of businesses
  • For employment growth
  • Proud of its revitalised commerce
  • A young, bold and innovative economy, with multiple businesses representing 50 billion invested by 2050.
  • Rich with outstanding natural and cultural heritage with 17 museums and 1 million works

The 14th edition of the "Rendez-Vous en France", held from 19th to 20th March at Parc Chanot in Marseille, will provide an opportunity to showcase our talents.

"Rendez-Vous en France" is the first international trade show for French tourism. French tourism professionals exhibiting there have the opportunity to meet nearly 900 international opinion leaders over the course of both days.
The "Rendez-Vous en France" trade show is an important opportunity to bring Marseille and its region to the heart of international tour operators’ programming.

The unique format of this event makes it possible to develop offerings, market new products and services, and increase sales to international buyers from nearly 70 countries.
This major event is one of many significant examples of our status as a leading destination, vital for sharing even more of our attractive dynamic.
The ”Rendez-Vous en France” trade show in 10 figures

  • 1 unique place of exchange
  • 2 days of professional encounters
  • 2 official transportation companies, who are long-standing partners of the event: Air France and SNCF/Rail Europe
  • 13 partner regions
  • 37 invited journalists from the international trade press
  • 70 countries represented
  • Nearly 500 foreign tour operators on familiarisation trips around France the weekend before the show in order to experience what French tourist destinations have to offer
  • 750 exhibiting companies
  • More than 900 international buyers and opinion leaders
  • 24,656 meetings scheduled prior to the show in 2018

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