When Euromed Management became Kedge Business School…

Through its merger with BEM Bordeaux Management School, Euromed Management makes plain its ambition to become one of the top 15 management schools in Europe.

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­In the last ranking carried out by the Financial Times in 2012, Euromed Management was 31st out of 80 listed European management schools. Better still, its Executive MBA course ranked 48th in the 100 best MBAs…in the world. “This is a real step forward. Last year the MBA was 61st and in 2010 it ranked 84th” commented Bernard Belletante, Managing Director of Euromed Management, who, in July, will become Managing Director of Kedge Business School, the group born from the merge of the Luminy-based management school and BEM Bordeaux Management School.

Back in 2011, Euromed Management joined the elite circle of the top 1% of business schools worldwide to have obtained a triple accreditation, in recognition of its internationalisation, its teaching and research expertise, its real involvement with business and its integration into the community. At the start of the next school year 9,000 students and 170 teaching and research staff will join the new entity.

According to Bernard Belletante: “Nowadays, more than 50% of the new accredited schools are Asian. In the face of such global competition, thinking local can be dangerous. To meet the needs of companies, we need to train our students about business at a global level. This is why it is key for a large business school to reach a certain critical size.” This explains the merger with BEM, a school that is identical in terms of quality and almost the same size as Euromed Management. Equally implicit in such a global context is the training of the responsible managers of the future, with a particular focus on societal and environmental issues.

­Development on an international scale across the board

The merger will pave the way for new international challenges in research (some topics such as « Purchasing, logistics and shipping », « global supply chain » or « wine management » will figure at a worldwide level), innovation in teaching through the online broadcasting of global training programmes across campuses, the creation of « the management internship » to make up for the lack of placements, through which companies can offer work experience to students that will help to finance their studies…On top of this it will also considerably strengthen the position of the group internationally. Euromed Management, now Kedge Business School, has had a campus in Shuzou (China) for the past ten years (where it trains between 600 and 700 students per year), is present in Shanghai and, through the creation of temporary campuses, plans to develop further in emerging countries in Asia and Africa (particularly in Dakar, where BEM already has a base).

Writing : econostrum.info