Books and multimedia at the heart of Francophonie activities

As part of its decentralised collaborative activity, the City of Marseille is supporting the strengthening and development of Francophonie.

­Conscious of the importance of spreading the French language around the world (with 200 million French speakers) the City of Marseille has been making its own contribution to the cause for a number of years.  It thus leads in several projects, including the restructuring of the Marrakech municipal library, the creation of a regional francophone resource centre at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria), cooperation with municipal libraries in Beirut and the Gorki state library (Odessa), and a book donation programme for libraries in its partner cities.  The City of Marseille mobilises each year during The French Language and Francophone Week and in particular on the 20th of March, on International Francophone Day.   

The “ICT Culture” project aimed at Egypt, Lebanon and Algeria, is another of its activities.


Librarians and scholars with an ICT flavour!

Coordinated by the Marseille ZINC association - a specialist in new technology education- in collaboration with the City of Marseille, the PACA Region and COBIAC, the "ICT Culture" project has received support from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One of the key elements of this project has been the creation of MEDiakitab, a Euro-Mediterranean book and multimedia network for youth, which brings cultural events professionals together (BMVR, ZINC, COBIAC, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, francophone schools in Alexandria, the Maison du Livre in Beirut, libraries in Beirut, Tripoli, Tyr, and the Petit lecteur from Oran ...).

An internship programme has also been established since 2011, aimed at librarians in Beirut, Tripoli and Francophone schools in Alexandria. Three librarians from Beirut are at the moment discovering public libraries, French school life, the curriculum for young people, and are being trained with multimedia. These courses strengthen and enhance professional exchanges between the two banks of the Mediterranean. Claudine Dussollier, responsible for international affairs at the ZINC association explains: "With the libraries of the City of Marseille and the Department of International and European Relations (DRIE), we prepare courses for them which are tailored to suit the various contexts and projects. We also encourage youth exchanges organised in libraries and schools by supporting exchanges via the internet, by organising "web chats", blogs, and virals...  so that students can communicate with each other across the Mediterranean. Twelve institutions from Marseille and Alexandria are already involved. "

Web chats: