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The Terrasses du Port, the new shopping mecca in Marseille

The Terrasses du Port, the new shopping mecca in Marseille

A challenge met successfully by Hammerson France. Since opening on 24th May the Terrasses du Port has been packed with shoppers every day. This shopping centre, which is located at the edge of the quays of the commercial port, is also a place to enjoy life, with five restaurants and a breathtaking rooftop terrace. 15 million visitors a year are expected.

The leisure aspect of the Terrasses du Port complements the shopping on offer. It will be based around the huge two hundred and ten metre terrace which gives the centre its name. Photo Hammerson

­­­On 24th May, following 36 months of hard work and an investment of €466m, the British group Hammerson opened its first shopping mall, built from scratch on the wharf where the ferries depart for Corsica.

­The Terrasses du Port enjoys an extraordinary location which instantly delights the visitor, who can lean on the railing and gaze out to sea after a busy day of shopping. This balcony overlooking the harbour offers incomparable views of the waterfront from the five restaurants (open until one o’clock in the morning) where events and entertainments are held (with 495 m² of space available for private hire plus another 1,200 m² raised terrace). The extraordinary chara­cter of the rooftop goes a long way to explaining the success of the “Trendy Delicious Party” evenings, held every Friday during the summer.

28 new brands­

This new shopping mecca boasts 160 shops, including 28 opening in Marseille for the first time, and 3,000 employees. It benefits from a very wide catchment area. Its 44,578 m² of retail space attract not only the residents of Marseille but also a large foreign clientele made up of both tourists visiting Marseille - including the Mucem and the Musée Regards de Provence, both nearby - and cruise passengers (1.5 million expected in 2015) who come ashore just a stone's throw away.­

However we must not forget the primary catchment zone consisting of all the service sector employees. The surrounding area is also set to welcome 500,000 m² of new office space by 2020. The inhabitants of the Euroméditerranée district, which is undergoing a transformation which includes the Terrasses du Port, therefore constitute a significant source of clientele.

According to Hammerson, 870,000 potential customers live or work within 15 minutes of the shopping centre.

In the 1500 m² Grande Halle, the catering profession is at the forefront, with eighteen dedicated units selling a wide range of fresh products (meat, cheeses, etc.) and prestige names such as Dalloyau. Brands such as Monoprix, H&M, Zara, Orchestra, Décathlon, Ted Baker, Vans etc. as well as the high-end chains such as Hédiard, Eden Park, Lacoste, Hugo Boss and Superdry are all present. New outlets like Hollister, Citadium, Uniqlo and Michael Kors help the centre to stand out from the competition. “These exceptional brand names enrich the centre of Marseille," notes Sandra Chalinet, the Director of the Terrasses du Port. Also worth noting is the presence of a “Printemps” store covering 6400 m², the first one since the opening of the Marseille La Valentine store thirty years ago. Located in the tourist zone, the Terrasses du Port is open seven days a week.