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Traxens lets freight do the talking

Traxens lets freight do the talking

With its "4Trax" solution, Traxens offers the tracking of containers from cargo loading to their final destination, and the forwarding of data in real time to all actors in the multimodal transport chain. Rising to technological and economic challenges, the new start-up based in Marseille has aligned itself with actors in the transport sector and the academic world, attracting the interest of investors.

Traxens' CEO Michel Fallah. Photo Tranxens

Founded just over a year and a half ago by four engineers, Traxens has developed a solution for supplying all kinds of data during the transport cyc­le on both the container's position and the condition of the cargo.  "We have created cutting edge technology. Our radio communications device penetrates several layers of containers by relying on automatic radio meshing.­ The container is an intermodal transport unit handled by numerous operators who don't have any contact with each other. The idea is to send out information extremely securely along the whole transport chain regarding the condition of the cargo (impacts, temperature variations, overturning, gas emissions, radioactivity, intrusion...) and on the legal status of the container (customs clearance). This could help fight against false declarations and counterfeits and facilitate controls while ensuring port passage is as smooth as possible," explains Traxens' CEO Michel Fallah.

Traxens works with the General Directorate of Customs and Excise, but also with the MGI (Marseille Gyptis International), another company based in Marseille behind the AP+ Cargo Community System which is used in most French ports.

Traxens' originality lies in its capacity to bring together stakeholders in the transport chain with CMA CGM's acquisition of equity interest of 20% and also with the participation of scientists. Five research laboratories are engaged on this project: Telecom SudParis, Inria in Lille, i3S and LEAT at Sophia Antipolis and the engineering school École des mines de Saint-Étienne.

Winner of the National competition for support to the creation of innovative technology companies

Photo Tranxen
Photo Tranxens

With all this brain power, it's no surprise that Traxens was the 2012 winner of the National competition for support to the creation of innovative technology companies (CNACETI), receiving a grant of €260,000. Bpifrance (Oseo) recognised the potential of this new start-up early on and granted it a loan to complement its own funds.

Tests were carried out last June at the Fos-sur-Mer terminal after the first models of the transponders had been developed. "This went better than expected," says a satisfied Michel Fallah, who envisages equipping 3000 containers to begin with. The objective? To tackle 37 million boxes currently travelling across oceans.

From now until the end of the year, the company's workforce based in Château-Gombert Technology Park, on Marseille Innovation premises, should reach around 20 people and then 100 in 2015.  

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