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4G: super-fast broadband for Marseille

4G: super-fast broadband for Marseille

­At the end of March, the operator SFR inaugurated its 4G mobile network in Marseille, France’s seventh city to benefit from 4G super-fast broadband offering high-speed data transmission and a user experience that is far above that of ADSL. Demonstration.

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Just two seconds to download apps compared to 16 with 3G, less than a second to send 2 Mo files against 10 previously and the possibility to watch high-definition television on your smartphone.

Moving on from 3G to ­4G is like evolving from the steam train to high-speed trains” says Stéphane Roussel, CEO of SFR who was in Marseille for the official inauguration at the end of March. While 3G+ reached speeds of 21.6 Mb/s, 4G can attain 100 Mb/s.

To expose the full benefits of mobile ultra-broadband Internet access to the public, SFR organised a huge communications campaign in the city with posters on the tramways, 4X3 advertising displays and even a demonstration bus, the “Bus 4G SFR” on Place Gabriel Péri to present the new 4G plans for individuals and companies.

Several demonstration points were set up to show how it works on an everyday use basis in comparison with 3G+. Alongside digital technicians, members of the public could try out the network and experience 4G terminals. The demonstrations highlighted just how fast download operations take, browser speed, streaming picture quality and even video calls.


“High-speed Internet: a priority for both landline and mobile devices”

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Just over one year after obtaining its 4G licence, France’s second largest operator already covers seven cities, to be followed by an additional 3 cities in the course of the 2nd quarter 2013: Lille, Strasbourg and Toulouse. Other operations are also planned, including the inner city of Paris area, during the second half of the year.

SFR is set to boost its presence on the mobile and optical fibre market following the signing of an agreement to deploy their own FTTH network (Fiber To The Home) over the Urban Community of Marseille Provence Métropole. 17 communities with around 91,400 homes from Allauch to La Ciotat via Marignane will be able to benefit from the service.

To develop its attractiveness and in view of the forthcoming Marseille Provence 2013, the city of Marseille signed a charter in 2011 “For the development of fast and super-fast broadband” with all the national telephone operators (France Télécom, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Free/Iliad, Numéricable).

This charter for digital development should lead to the deployment of super-fast broadband electronic communications infrastructures throughout the City of Marseille over the next five years.

“For SFR, super-fast broadband is a priority for both landline and mobile devices” says Stéphane Roussel. Once again, the figures speak for themselves: 10 MP3 albums downloaded in 42 seconds compared to 7 minutes 10 with ADSL and a film in under one minute …

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