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Marseille Provence: a record-breaking airport

Marseille Provence: a record-breaking airport

Marseille Provence airport continues to climb onwards and upwards with 8.3 million passengers in 2012, an increase of 12.7% compared to 2011. The platform owes its success to the busy low-cost terminal, which saw a 31.7% increase in traffic. In May, XL Airways will inaugurate a long haul flight to New York.

Photo Aéroport de Marseille Provence

­A million more passengers in one year! With 12.7%, Marseille-Provence airport has registered the highest growth of all airports in France. Employing nearly 4,900 people, the site has an overall economic impact of around €3.2 billion.

Operating 120 direct lines, the airport set a new record in 2012. Terminal MP1 handles most of the traffic with 6.3 million passengers (up 8.8 %). The low cost MP2 terminal, with 1.8 million passengers, has seen a 31.7% jump in traffic, largely due to the opening of eight new destinations.

Of the 8.3 million passengers, 3.7 million had travelled on the French network (46% of traffic). The opening of the Air France base on the Marseilles’ tarmac is not unrelated to this upturn. The national airline transported 3.2 million passengers (up 23%).

International traffic accounted for 4.4 million passengers of which 2.7 million were travelling in Europe and 1.4 million were travelling to or from North Africa. Algiers has been a popular destination, with a 20% increase in traffic. Note the launch in late 2012 by XL Airways of flights to La Réunion and Mayotte, and the opening next May of a service to New York with two flights a week.

Cargo hub for the Mediterranean

­ Aéroport Marseille provence
­­ Photo Aéroport de Marseille Provence


Business customers account for 34% of passengers. Marseille-Provence has focused on routes that allow a day round trip. Twenty-four destinations offer this possibility. "We are developing a special relationship with businesses," says Julien Boullay, the airport's marketing and communication director.

With 53,026 tons of freight divided between express (46,391 T, + 0.0%) and traditional freight (6,635 T, - 0.1%), Marseille-Provence handles the third highest volumes of freight after Paris and Toulouse.
Its geographical position facilitates trade with North African countries. Tunisia became the largest commercial partner with 2,318 tons of express freight in 2012, just ahead of Algeria (2,211T, - 6.3 %).
The dynamic export trade of the airport's neighbour, Eurocopter, boosts the number of cargo only flights to the extent that they account for 10% of the platform's flights.
"We have received around fifteen AN-124s. These are essentially special flights for Eurocopter to Australia, New Zealand, Oman, Brazil, Malaysia, Turkmenistan and Mexico. We have also transported catalysts for the oil industry in Iraq and drilling equipment for Qatar
," explains Jean-Marc Boutigny.


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