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Marseille unites patrons around culture

Marseille unites patrons around culture

Created by the City of Marseille in 2011, two endowment funds, one dedicated to heritage and the other recently launched for contemporary art, have together already raised 10 million euros.

Gathering patrons who wish to support the development of culture in Marseille is the City’s objective for the second endowment fund, “Marseille Art 2013-2020”. One may recall that last year the City of Marseille developed two endowment funds approved by the municipal council, of which the first “Patrimoine [Heritage] 2013-2020” - with the objective of restoring local heritage - raised approximately 9 million euros for the restoration of the Caroline Hospital (Bouygues) and the Museum of Decorative Arts, Fashion and Ceramics at the Château Borély (Eiffage).

The second fund, "Marseille Art 2013-2020" has already raised 1 million euros, 200,000 euros of which came from the Caisse d'Epargne Provence-Alpes-Corse, which has invested in the Panorama at the Friche Belle de Mai, a new space for international contemporary art.

A second patron, Intermarché, has also given 200,000 euros to support exhibitions organised by the “Viens à Belsunce” association, to whom we owe “Le rêve et la couleur” by Hundertwasser (with more than 64,000 visitors to the Vielle Charité centre).

Thanks to this aid, “Viens à Belsunce” will establish a cultural and communal space at rue Lucien Gaillard, which will hold two exhibitions per year. Added to this are two other sponsored activities: Elior Group has given 200,000 euros to Marseille-Provence 2013’s flagship space "Pavillon M", located at place Bargemon and which will open on 12 January; and the GFC Construction Group is supporting Marseille’s opening ceremony as Europe’s capital of culture, with a contribution of 400,000  euros.

Cultural sustainability well beyond 2013…

Musée Borély : ©xdr­The two funds between them have no less than 16 Marseille projects supported by different patrons, the latter having signed a convention with the City of Marseille.

In addition to the tax incentives available to them, patrons are allowed to link their names with the projects and can obtain returns of up to 25 per cent on the total they contribute.  As Bernard Jacquier comments: “Even if 2013 is a launch pad, the aim of these endowments is different to the private finance gathered by Marseille-Provence 2013.  They are about ensuring sustainability for Marseille’s cultural development, so that the city becomes indispensable in years to come. If one had to draw a diagram, one could show the City of Marseille as providing the shell and Marseille-Provence 2013 financing the contents of it”.  To note that the MP 2013 association, chaired by Jacques Pfister, President of the MP CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) has raised nearly 15 million euros by rallying businesses and economic players in the Bouches du Rhone.